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Old Dimboola Hotel site up for redevelopment:

The Site of the Old Dimboola Hotel
The Site of the Old Dimboola Hotel
The Site of the Old Dimboola Hotel
The Site of the Old Dimboola Hotel

-Community offered to have your say!

The question on everyone’s mind since the Dimboola Hotel was destroyed by fire in 2003 has been what is going to happen to the site.


After the site was sold by auction for $1.00 to developer Paul Rintel. the land remained untouched for many years until the Hindmarsh Shire Council enforced a cleanup order on the owner.

Mr Rintel was warned by the courts that he would face a jail sentence if he did not clean up the site by July 2014.


At the 11th hour the land was sold to Graeme Schneider who was passionate about developing the property for the future of the community.


Mr Schneider, “‘a Dimboola  expat’, had long been an advocate for saving the historic building with an eye to ‘repurposing’ it for town use. Unfortunately, at the time this prospect did not succeed.


Since Mr Schneider purchased the property the site has been cleared and speculations as to what will happen to the land continues to be widely debated within the community.


Mr Schneider wants the community to become involved in his ideas to develop the property for the benefits of the community.


The Dimboola community is being asked to comment on the future of the old Dimboola Hotel site.


The site was acquired in 2015 after the original building had been demolished in 2013, ten years after fire gutted this iconic building.


Mr Schneider said, ”the vacant site now provides a rare, generational opportunity to determine Dimboola’s direction.”


“The site is considered a critical, important community space, being seen as pivotal to Dimboola’s prosperity and can provide the town with a unique character, similar to what the old hotel once defined,” he said.


Mr Schneider intends to review the various development options available, including possible community ownership, and is currently investigating ways to appropriately redevelop the site for public use and as a way to reinvigorate the town’s economy.


In late 2016, Mr Schneider commissioned a Site Analysis Study with architectural firm NEAD, which through a consultation process with the business community, Hindmarsh Shire Council and specialists, released the Stage 1A report early this year. NEAD identified a number of economic and social opportunities for Dimboola.


“Whilst a useful overview, the report is only part of the bigger picture.” said Mr Schneider.

Mr Schneider believes it is imperative for project success to involve the community and open up the conversation about the wants and needs of the town.

On Saturday at 11.00am, the Mr Schneider invites the Dimboola community to join him on-site to discuss plans and ideas for future development and to watch the official planting of the site’s first shade trees, a Scarlet oak and October Glory maple.

This informal function is intended to both gather residents opinions and inform the community of development progress.

Clive Jenkins, local director will be filming on location and conducting a Vox Pop of community ideas that come out of these discussions.

Allambi’s famous ‘Slow Simmer’ sausage sizzle will be available on the day.