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Skaters approve of new Skate Park

Thumbs up: Ethan Clyde, Ashton Stott and Zeke Ough approve the new skate park for Dimboola.
Thumbs up: Ethan Clyde, Ashton Stott and Zeke Ough approve the new skate park for Dimboola.
Thumbs up: Ethan Clyde, Ashton Stott and Zeke Ough approve the new skate park for Dimboola.
Thumbs up: Ethan Clyde, Ashton Stott and Zeke Ough approve the new skate park for Dimboola.

Hindmarsh Shire Council held a public viewing and information session of the new skate park to be built on the Recreation Reserve last Thursday afternoon between 3.30 pm and 6 pm.

When Hindmarsh Shire Council Community Development Coordinator Simon Landrigan opened the doors at 3.30 there were three enthusiastic skaters, Ethan Clyde, Ashton Stott and Zeke Ough keen to see the outcome of plans. They quickly ran to the table and looked at the plans laid out with an artist impression of what the new park will look like.

They were flabbergasted at what the council has proposed and all agreed the skate park will be just what they wanted.

It was explained to the boys that the tender to have it built will go out in the next two weeks and a recommendation will be made to council as to which tender to accept at the September council meeting.  

The successful contractor will be notified and council will need to negotiate the time frame for the contractors to complete the work.  Its expected to take only three weeks to complete once the contractors begin the project. It could be finished by December, however it most likely will be in the new year depending on the availability of the contractor.

Ethan Clyde set out the completion date with the Mayor Cr Debra Nelson to be on February 15, because that’s his birthday and he will celebrate at the skate park.

“My birthday is February 15, so the skate park needs to be finished by that time, so I can have it for my birthday,” Ethan Clyde said to Cr Nelson.

The enthusiasm of the boys was evident, as they already had plans for upgrading the area with barbeques, rolloff safety mats, shade cloth and food vendors.

The discussion then went into the tricks they will be able to perform on the new park in a  language only the boys understood.

Young Ethan was soon on his phone telling his mates to get down there and have a look. More of the local kids started pouring into the door as though it was a performance of their favourite band…these were an excited bunch of kids.

When asked how does this compare with the Horsham skate park, the boys all agreed that this one will be better for a number of design reasons.

The boys certainly knew what they needed for their park, citing other parks around Australia they had visited. The three are regular users of the Horsham skate park and said many of the Horsham users will want to come to Dimboola, when the park is completed.

To hear these boys speak would have made Cr Nelson feel like Santa Clause. They left leaving the impression that council has done this correctly.

Simon Landrigan said, “council hopes to advertise for tenders within the next couple of weeks, pending receiving final documentation from the park designers.”

“The tender period will close in mid-September with a report to council to be made for their next meeting, where council will award the tender to the successful contractor,” he said.

“Contractor will then advise availability for start date. Under normal circumstances the contractor would commence on-site within two to three months of being awarded the tender, but until the contractor is appointed and this is discussed, we won’t know a start date,” said Mr Landrigan

“The construction period under normal circumstances is of around one month, however we are still waiting on details for estimated construction times from the designers,” he said.

There will be a second skate park built at Rainbow under the same contract and will be slightly different to the proposed Dimboola park.  The boys were keen to travel to Rainbow and use their new park as well.