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Fans ready to soar to Premiership glory

Rainbow’s Collingwood supporters gathered in Federal Street on Monday to cheer their team on ahead of the Grand Final on Saturday.

Many local Collingwood fans gathered outside Clugston Butchers on Monday morning to show their loyalty to the club ahead of the AFL Grand Final on Saturday.

Many fans were unfortunately missing due to other commitments.

Those present at the photo shoot included Ian Turner, Les and Mary Graetz, Anne and Wayne Thomas, Maureen Campbell, Heath Clugston, Joe and Lynne Gould, Denny Gould, Peter Stasinowsky with Elsie, Baxter, Edison and Cooper, and Adam Gould with Parker, Ryder, Poppy and Hugo.

Four generations of Collingwood fans gathered together at the Rainbow Hostel to support the club ahead of the big game. Dorothy Gould, a lifelong fan of the club, was joined by son Joe Gould, granddaughter Casey Stasinowsky, and great-grandchildren Cooper, Baxter, Edison and Elsie Stasinowsky.

The last time Collingwood were Premiers was in 2010 against St Kilda. The final score was Collingwood 16.12.108 d St Kilda 7.10.52 in a match that went down in the history books after the grand final had to replayed after a drawn game the weekend before.

It was the first grand final replay in 33 years.

The last time West Coast Eagles were Premiers was in 2006 when they defeated the Sydney Swans by a point 85 to 84. It was the first Grand Final since 1966 to be decided by one point.

It could be an interesting weekend in the Graetz family as Les barracks for Collingwood and his son, Ramon, barracks for West Coast.

Many stores in Federal Street have decorated their windows in black and white to cheer their team on including Rainbow IGA and Clugston Butchers.

Good luck to both teams and may the best team win.

Many Collingwood supporters now call the Rainbow Hostel home and will be cheering loudly this Saturday as their team takes on the West Coast Eagles.
Four generations of the Gould/Stasinowsky family will cheer loudly for Collingwood this weekend. Back from left: Joe Gould, Cooper Stasinowsky and Baxter Stasinowsky. Front from left: Casey Stasinowsky, Elsie Stasinowsky, Dorothy Gould and Edison Stasinowsky.