Wimmera Mallee News is the new service that intended to bring  news  and advertising into one portal from our mastheads, The Warracknabeal Herald, Dimboola Banner and the Rainbow Jeparit  Argus.

Warracknabeal Herald

The Warracknabeal Herald is bi-weekly newspaper printed Tuesday and Fridays. The Herald has been in circulation for 130 years and continues to be printed on the premises in Warracknabeal.

Warracknabeal has a population of 3,100 people and is the economic and local government centre of the Shire of Yarriambiack with a population of around 10,000.
Warracknabeal services the northern Wimmera and southern Mallee districts of the region, which is predominantly a rich wheat, cereal, legume and oil seed growing area. Fat lamb production is also a key income producer of the area. Much of the manufacturing in the area is aligned to servicing these industries.


Manufacturing, farm machinery – sales and service, auto parts, printing and publishing, agriculture, concrete production, crops, cereal and oil seed production, sheep, wheat.


Real Estate, Motoring, House, Education, Money- Investment, Farming, Gardening

Prime circulation area

The Warracknabeal Herald has a circulation that reaches through the northern Wimmera and southern Mallee regions of north-west Victoria, servicing the townships of Warracknabeal, Brim, Beulah, Hopetoun, Minyip, Murtoa, Rupanyup, Watchem, Birchip, Jeparit, Rainbow and Yaapeet.

89 Scott Street
Warracknabeal 3393
Ph: 03 5398 2033
Fax: 03 5398 1031

The Dimboola Banner

The Dimboola Banner is a weekly newspaper printed on Wednesday.  The Banner has been in circulation for 137 years.


Dimboola is situated approximately halfway between Adelaide and Melbourne on the Western Highway, with a population of 2000. The Dimboola Banner was first published in 1879.

Prime circulation area

The Dimboola Banner circulates in the Shire of Hindmarsh including Dimboola, Jeparit, Gerang Gerung, Kiata, Antwerp and Tarranyurk.

100 Lloyd Street
Ph: 03 5389 1440
Fax: 03 5389 2188

Rainbow Jeparit Argus

The Rainbow  Jepartit Argus is a weekly newspaper printed Thursday.


Rainbow and Jeparit are two towns which service the commercial, educational and medical needs of people living in an area spanning 2,000 square kilometres. The population of 1,000 is spread within the two towns and on farming properties in the district.  The Rainbow Jeparit Argus reflects the agricultural and social interests of the community, and also maintains a vibrant interest in district history.


Agriculture, cereal crops, sheep for meat and wool.

Farming, weddings, Real Estate, Education, Livestock

Prime circulation area

The Rainbow Jeparit Argus circulates throughout the townships of Jeparit, Rainbow and surrounds.

Rainbow Jeparit Argus
30 King Street
Rainbow 3424
Tel 03  5395 1517
Fax 03 5326 1277