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Push for deposits


VICTORIA is lagging behind the rest of the country, with news that New South Wales has followed in the footsteps of the South Australia and the Northern Territory by announcing plans for a beverage container recycling refund scheme.
“Evidence to a recent Senate Inquiry showed the horrendous environmental and health impacts of plastic bottles and other micro plastics, as well as the success of the South Australian scheme,” Greens Senator for Victoria Janet Rice said.
“A recommendation by the Senate for a national container deposit scheme had cross-party support, and it’s time to act,” she said.
“The Greens have been standing with the community for a national cash-for-container scheme for decades and the NSW decision should be the trigger for other states to follow suit.”
“A unified national scheme is good for the environment and, ultimately, good for the beverage industry, as it would get rid of the patchwork of state schemes it has to deal with”.