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Warracknabeal scrape through for win against Hopetoun

• SKILLS: Warracknabeal’s Jarrod Tickner shows off his skills at the table on Monday night as teammate Marie Aitken watches on (above).

VICTORY for Willenabrina, Boolite, Warracknabeal, Aubrey and Galaquil on Monday night.
Willenabrina 9-29-429 d Brim 3-15-347
Willenabrina had an easy win over Brim nine sets to three, 29 games to 15, 429 points to 347.
Singles: Brim’s Lindsay Martin 5-11-11-5-11 d Brian Coghill 11-7-8-11-4; Brim’s Brad Deans 11-11-11 d Issy Cramp 7-6-5; Willenabrina’s sub Brandon Cramp 15-11-9-11 d Issac Miller 13-5-11-1; Willenabrina’s Darren Taylor 11-11-11 d Merryn Baxter 6-3-9.
Willenabrina’s B. Coghill 12-11-12 d B. Deans 10-2-10;  Brim’s L. Martin 11-11-11 d I. Cramp 4-4-7; Willenabrina’s B. Cramp 11-11-11 d M. Baxter 5-7-4; Willenabrina’s D. Taylor 11-11-11 d I. Miller 3-3-3.
Doubles: Willenabrina’s B. Coghill, I. Cramp 11-12-8-9-11 d L. Martin, B. Deans 8-10-11-11-9; Willenabrina’s B. Cramp, D. Taylor 11-6-8-11-11 d I. Miller, M. Baxter 5-11-11-3-6.
Willenabrina’s B. Coghill, B. Cramp 13-11-11 d L. Martin, I. Miller 11-8-8; Willenabrina’s I. Cramp, D. Taylor 11-5-11-11 d B. Deans, M. Baxter 6-11-9-5.
Warracknabeal 6-23-386 d Hopetoun 6-21-400
Warracknabeal just scraped home over Hopetoun by two games. Both teams finished the night with six sets but Warracknabeal won by two games 23 to 21 despite Hopetoun gaining more points 400 to 386.
Singles: Hopetoun’s James Magee 11-9-7-11-11 d Jodee Lardner 5-11-11-4-2; Warracknabeal’s Jarrod Tickner 11-11-11 d Kerrie Baxter 3-6-8; Warracknabeal’s Christiana Henke 11-11-11 d Megan Watts 9-6-7; Hopetoun’s Cheryl Woods 11-7-11-11 d sub Marie Aitken 9-11-7-5.
Hopetoun’s J. Magee 11-7-11-11 d J. Tickner 2-11-7-6; Warracknabeal’s J. Lardner 11-11-12 d K. Baxter 8-5-10;  Hopetoun’s M. Watts 11-11-11 d M. Aitken 2-7-7; Warracknabeal’s C. Henke 11-11-11 d C. Woods 7-4-8.
Doubles: Hopetoun’s J. Magee, K. Baxter 11-11-12 d J. Lardner, J. Tickner 9-8-10; Hopetoun’s M. Watts, C. Woods 11-11-4-13 d C. Henke, M. Aitken 6-4-11-11.
Hopetoun’s J. Magee, M. Watts 11-13-8-10 d J. Lardner, C. Henke 4-11-11-12; Warracknabeal’s J. Tickner, M. Aitken 11-6-11-10-11 d K. Baxter, C. Woods 5-11-6-11-9.
Boolite 10-31-457
d Lah 2-14-384
Boolite showed no mercy to Lah with a massive win of 10 sets to two, 31 games to 14, 457 points to 384.
However, eight of the 12 sets went to either four or five games so the match wasn’t all one-sided.
Singles: Boolite’s Dan Krahe 9-11-11-11 d T. Krahe 11-5-9-5; Boolite’s Heather Huebner 8-11-11-15 d Donna Liersch 11-9-5-13; Boolite’s Will Habel 12-10-13-12 d Richard Tickner 10-12-11-10;  Boolite’s Sandon Schultz 11-11-11 d Caleb Eilola 8-2-3.
Lah’s T. Krahe 11-11-11 d H. Huebner 6-8-3; Boolite’s D. Krahe 11-11-11 d D. Liersch 3-7-7; Boolite’s S. Schultz 8-13-13-20 d R. Tickner 11-11-11-18; Boolite’s W. Habel 11-11-11 d C. Eilola 7-5-4.
Doubles: Boolite’s D. Krahe, H. Huebner 4-11-11-11 d T. Krahe, D. Liersch 11-7-3-3; Boolite’s W. Habel, S. Schultz 11-11-1-11 d R. Tickner, C. Eilola 4-5-11-8.
Lah’s T. Krahe, R. Tickner 11-11-7-11 d D. Krahe, W. Habel 6-6-11-6; Boolite’s H. Huebner, S. Schultz 11-7-11-12-12 d D. Liersch, C. Eilola 9-11-7-14-10.
Aubrey 7-25-435
d Cannum 5-19-408
Aubrey consolidated their win by taking the last two doubles. Before that they were neck and neck with Cannum.
Singles: Aubrey’s Reece Clancy 11-11-11 d Brendan Bibby 2-5-7; Cannum’s Cameron Blinman 11-7-12-12 d sub Ted Zou 7-11-10-10; Cannum’s David Ward 11-11-11 d sub John Atkin 1-9-3; Aubrey’s sub Brooke Morrow 14-11-11 d Aiden McGinniss 12-9-9.
Cannum’s B. Bibby 9-10-11-11-12 d T. Zou 11-12-5-5-14; Aubrey’s R. Clancy 11-11-8-11 d C. Blinman 7-5-11-8; Cannum’s D. Ward 12-11-11 d B. Morrow 10-8-2; Aubrey’s J. Atkin 11-11-11 d A. McGinniss 6-4-7.
Doubles: Cannum’s B. Bibby, C. Blinman 13-4-11-11 d R. Clancy, T. Zou 11-11-7-9; Aubrey’s J. Atkin, B. Morrow 11-11-11-13-8 d D. Ward, A. McGinniss 7-13-6-15-11.
Aubrey’s R. Clancy, J. Atkin 12-11-16-12 d B. Bibby, D. Ward 10-13-14-10; Aubrey’s T. Zou, B. Morrow 11-11-11 d C. Blinman, A. McGinniss 4-5-8.
Galaquil 8-29-493 d Bangerang 4-22-451
Galaquil began at a gallop winning five of the first six sets against  Bangerang and maintained the lead to the end of the match. However six of the 12 sets went to a five game tie breaker and another three sets went to  four games so the final result could have gone either way.
Singles: Bangerang’s Glen Liersch 11-3-11-12 d Owen Osborne 4-11-6-10; Galaquil’s David Baxter 11-11-11 d Rob Lehmann 5-4-9; Galaquil’s Brad Martin 11-12-11 d Mason Cramp 8-10-4; Galaquil’s Kat Feldman 11-11-7-12-12 d Will Martin 13-5-11-10-10.
Bangerang’s G. Liersch 12-11-7-6-11 d D. Baxter 10-5-11-11-4; Galaquil’s O. Osborne 14-11-8-9-11 d R. Lehmann 12-7-11-11-8; Bangerang’s M. Cramp 11-11-11 d K. Feldman 5-6-7; Galaquil’s B. Martin 11-11-8-11 d W. Martin 6-7-11-6.
Doubles: Galaquil’s O. Osborne 11-4-11-11 d G. Liersch, R. Lehmann 8-11-6-5; Galaquil’s B. Martin, K. Feldman 3-11-11-11-11 d M. Cramp, W. Martin 11-6-13-5-9.
Galaquil’s O. Osborne, B. Martin 11-11-8-11-12 d G. Liersch, M. Cramp 7-5-11-13-10; Galaquil’s D. Baxter, K. Feldman 11-10-11-9-10 d R. Lehmann, W. Martin 4-12-7-11-12.

• SKILLS: Warracknabeal’s Jarrod Tickner shows off his skills at the table on Monday night as teammate Marie Aitken watches on (above).
• SKILLS: Warracknabeal’s Jarrod Tickner shows off his skills at the table on Monday night as teammate Marie Aitken watches on (above).