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GASTRO UPDATE: Wimmera Base Hospital

Wimmera Health Care Group
Wimmera Health Care Group


Wimmera Health Care Group
Wimmera Health Care Group

Gastroenteritis precautions are still in place at the Wimmera Base Hospital.
Director of clinical services Don McRae said existing cases of gastroenteritis were still admitted, meaning people were still asked to avoid the hospital where possible.
Mr McRae said there are cases of gastroenteritis in the wider community.
“We know that gastroenteritis is in the community, not just the hospital. That means we want people to be extra cautious, for example use alcohol wipes provided at supermarkets to clean trolley handles before touching them, washing food before eating and being extra vigilant with general hand hygiene,” Mr McRae said.
“This weekend there are footy finals on. That means a large number of people using public toilets, so hand hygiene is very important.
“We do want to remind people not to visit the hospital unless necessary, this is for the safety of current patients, staff and the wider community.
“Appointments in radiology, pathology and the Arapiles Building are still proceeding as normal.”
Mr McRae said most people who contract gastroenteritis do not need to attend hospital, as the illness is self-limiting and symptoms should resolve within 24-48 hours without treatment.
“If symptoms present the best thing to do is isolate yourself, stay hydrated and wait for the illness to run its course,” he said.
“Generally, only the frail, elderly and very young are at risk of complications.”
People are reminded if they do need to attend the hospital then please follow signage, hand hygiene procedures and directives from staff.
Gastroenteritis, commonly known as gastro, is a highly infectious short term illness of the gastrointestinal system.
Symptoms include stomach cramps, vomiting and diarrhea.
Wimmera Health Care Group will continue to provide daily updates via local media and their Facebook page.