Hindmarsh-flow Photo by A Kube
Hindmarsh-flow Photo by A Kube
Hindmarsh-flow Photo by A Kube
Hindmarsh-flow Photo by A Kube

WITH the heavy rains in the catchment areas, flood levels are predicted to be similar to the high water levels of 2010.

Wimmera CMA Chief Executive Officer David Brennan said, “We are looking at a scenario where the amount of water in the catchment areas has reached its maximum and fl ows down the Wimmera River will continue to move downstream towards Horsham.”

“With the flow expected to peak at Glenorchy yesterday or early this morning the forecast of more significant rains early next week does not look to be an issue, and as far as flooding goes we will continue to monitor all the streams in the region and will advise all stakeholders of any risk to property or persons,” Mr Brennan said.

“When we look at the Yarriambiack Creek in particular we have seen flows return to the north of Jung weir and with the added water from overland flows and the rainfall itself, we look to have most of the creek with water in it although not a complete natural flow.”

“Historically September and October are the months that we can count on for rain but it is always unpredictable. However this year is as close to ‘normal’ as we can expect.” In Warracknabeal the water has peaked over the weir to the north but the weir is not being opened at this point as the creek is maintaining a safe level at 1.5 metres.

“We have no plans to open the weirs at Brim or Beulah at this time and will continue to monitor the levels and until there is a significant flow into Warracknabeal it should not change,”

Yarriambiack Mayor Ray Kingston said. “We live in an area where we spend a lot of time talking about the weather and as it is cyclical that won’t change but we will maintain a vigil on the creeks and rivers in the area and take the appropriate action at that time,” Mr Kingston said.