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Silos the star of Masterchef

• ICONIC: (L-R): Masterchef’s fearsome foursome, Gary Mehigan, Heston Blumenthal, George Calombaris and Matt Preston taking in the iconic Brim Silos during the show’s visit to Brim as part of a regional road trip showcasing all the countryside has to offer.

BRIM’S silos provide a dramatic backdrop to an upcoming episode in ‘Masterchef’ which is due to air on Monday June 19.
The episode at the Brim silos is part of Heston Blumenthal’s regional Victoria road trip celebrating the farmers who have settled in this part of the state.
“Our visit to Brim enabled me to see a part of the world not many people are overly familiar with,” said Matt Preston, judge of Masterchef.
“I thought the silos are great and being able to talk to one of the subjects was especially interesting,” he said.
In the crew of 120 people, the show’s Quartermaster grew up in Beulah which added a level of intimacy to the whole trip for Matt Preston.
“It gave us an insight that is not normally the case,” he said.
The cast and crew were based at the Brim oval for their stay, and being able to talk with Brim residents brought home the friendliness of country people.
“Having the ability to have a cold beer and warm conversation at the end of a long day’s shooting is better than any fancy restaurant,” Matt Preston said.
And the days are long for both the cast and crew. The crew are often on site at 2.00am to build the kitchens before the cast come on site.
A normal day for the cast can be upwards of 10 hours while the crew can expect a day lasting 13 hours.
The Brim episode sees contestants working in pairs and their challenge is inspired by the earth.
“The theme is a celebration of the rich soil, produce grown from the soil and the farmers who work to produce such spectacular food,” Matt Preston said.
“Having a dramatic backdrop such as the Silos underscored the spectacular nature of the produce that is available,” he added.
Each pair of contestants had 75 minutes to cook one main and one dessert that had to incorporate the element earth.
Matt Preston is proud of the show and the following it has achieved over the nine years of production.
“Kids were the first to embrace the show and two of this year’s contestants discovered Masterchef during its first season,” Matt Preston said.
Callan Smith, 18, and Michelle Lukman, 19, are two of the youngest contestant to appear on the show.
“Contestants, regardless, have the ability to dream and make those dreams a reality,” he said.
“Anyone cooking food needs to ensure that the food is better than mum’s chicken roast dinner, or it is not worth the effort involved,” Matt Preston added.
Masterchef is one of the rare cooking shows that airs during prime time unlike others that are shown only on pay TV or cable channels.
“I am proud of the ability of the show to showcase the talents of amateur chefs during prime viewing times,” Matt Preston said
Masterchef is shown in 140 countries.