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Successful Ski Spectacular set to be an annual event

Keenan Derry who won the the Peter Taylor Memorial Perpetual Trophy at Dimboola



Keenan Derry who won the the Peter Taylor Memorial Perpetual Trophy at Dimboola

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Barefoot SA were so impressed with the Dimboola Peter Taylor Memorial Ski event held over the weekend that they confirmed that they will support an annual event at Dimboola.

More than 700 people lined the river on Saturday night to see the world’s best barefoot skiers strut their skills in the night jump events under lights.

There was a great crowd throughout the day for the competition, with some of Australia’s best competing for the title. Barefoot SA officials where the managers of the competition and endorsed by Barefoot Australia.

The Dimboola Water Ski club had been working hard all week to prepare the river for the event and to ensure that everyone had a great time.

People had travelled from as far as Queensland and Perth, Western Australia to attend in support and the memory of the late Peter Taylor, who spent significant time skiing on the Wimmera River in Dimboola. Peter Taylor passed away in April 2017 with cancer.

Gizzella Halasz and Micheal Taylor
Gizzella Halasz and Micheal Taylor

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The Taylor family had travelled from Ballarat to attend the event, including his 80 year old mother who is believed to have been the first to arrive and the last to leave the event.

Peter Taylor’s son Michael Taylor came out of retirement for the event and competed throughout the day including the night jumping. In his first attempt, he  took a fall and burst his eardrum when he hit the water.  The doctor advised him to stay out of the water.  Rather than listen to the doctors Mr Taylor went out and had another attempt at the jump.

After the competition the crowd stood in silence for one minute in the memory of Peter Taylor, before the ‘under lights’ Jump Spectacular started.  Judging from the crowds reaction he had touched a lot of people’s heart.

The Dimboola Football Netball Club were on hand with running the wet booth all day and good numbers from the club supported the event where it is believed over $5000 from the event was raised for the club.

The Dimboola Town Committee relieved the Dimboola Waterski club from the barbeque for the evening, after the ski club had been cooking since breakfast. Within a couple of hours the Town Committee had sold out of everything, not expecting that the crowd was going to be so big.

The event was in jeopardy of not going ahead owing to the Hamilton and Alexandra College three day rowing clinic being held on the river. The college had the river previously booked prior to the Ski Club.

Through the good will of the rowers, the Ski Club was able to move the rowers to Picnic Bend where they used the Ski Club facilities for the rowers to hold their marathon event.

Dimboola Water Ski Club Nigel Crisp said, “we owe a great deal of thanks to Tim Brandenburg and  the rowers from Hamilton and Alexandra College for their good will. They were most co-operative with the club  allowing us to be able to use the river. We can not thank them enough.”

Dimboola WaterSki Club Vice President Darren Bone said, “I was pleased with the Hamilton and Alexandra College who were very obliging and helpful for our event.”


“The weekend was certainly a demonstration on how different groups can co-operate and use the river. We are truly thankful to them,” said Mr Bone.


“They were able to use the Ski Club facilities at Picnic Bend for catering for the students and also able to see more of the river,”  he said.


Nigel Crisp said, “we’ve since had discussions with the Dimboola A & P Society about holding the event next year in conjunction with the Dimboola Show.”

“The event will continue to be the  Peter Taylor Memorial event,” he said.


Darren Bone said,  “Next year the Ski Club will be offering $10,000 ‘winner takes all’ prize money for the jump event. This will attract skiers from all over the world and make next year’s event even more spectacular. Since announcing the prize money, we have already had interest from South Africa.”