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Conversation with community for new Dimboola library and community hub

Dimboola Community Hub
Artist Impression of the new Dimboola Community Hub
Dimboola Community Hub
Artist Impression of the new Dimboola Community Hub

Councillor Debra Nelson along with Hindmarsh CEO Greg Wood, Director Corporate and Community Services Anne Campness and Hindmarsh Community Development Officer Phil King made themselves available to discuss new plans for the Dimboola Library and Community Hub.

The location for the new building will be at the rear of the old library (Old Shire Office).

The original plan to build a $1.5 million building was shattered earlier this year when it was announced that Hindmarsh Shire Council failed to obtain federal funding for the project.

The State Government of Victoria had already committed $500,000 and the council had $200,000 in their budget and were hoping to source a further $700,000 from the federal government.

Council then went back to the drawing board and came up with a new plan to build the new library that would meet the reduced budget of $700,000.

The new building is an ultra modern design that blends in with the historic old shire office.

Phil King said, “there are many examples around the state on how successful an ultra modern design works with old historic buildings.”

The building will be slightly bigger than the old library with an adjoining walkway through to the old library. Effectively making the usable area twice the size.

“The old library space can be used for community meetings and activities, as well as a larger area for the library to hold its functions, which they regularly do,” said Mr King.

“The library area meets the design requirement for a our library that will hold the required number of items,” he said.

There will also be a small meeting room and kitchen facilities on the Fire Station side of the building. The lane beside the Fire Station has been kept that will allow fire vehicles a thoroughfare from the rear of the station.

The building will utilise the public toilets that are already at the rear of the library.

Hindmarsh CEO Greg Wood said, “this was one of the adjustments we needed to do to meet our new budget”.

“We will continue to seek federal funding for the project and later incorporate toilets if funds become available,” he said.

“This was a consideration in the new design”.

Council also intends to remove the busses from behind the old town hall.

“We are still considering our options for bus parking, as they will no longer be able to park at the rear of the building,” said Mr Wood.

“This consideration will also include allocating parking for caravans at each end of town,” he said.

“We understand that we should allocate easy parking for our visitors in the central business district to encourage them to shop in our shops,” he said.

“Putting the busses at the railway station would not be an option”.

After the new building is complete, council hopes to seek funding to renovate the old library.

Mr King said, “the wooden floor needs to be replaced with concrete and other repairs need to be carried out to bring it up to date.”

The tender for construction is about to be advertised and work should start sometime in February 2018.