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Maroon continues rise

• CONTROL: Brim’s Steven Murphy makes a forehand return during Saturday’s clash against Warrack Gold.
• CONTROL: Brim’s Steven Murphy makes a forehand return during Saturday’s clash against Warrack Gold.

WARRACK Maroon has continued its push for a top four berth in Dimboola and District Tennis Association after a tight battle with Arkona at Anzac Park on Saturday.
Maroon prevailed after a titanic battle to claim victory three points to two winning the ladies and overall points as Arkona claimed the mixed and mens sections.
The win saw Arkona slip to fourth place after Warrack Gold claimed all points in a good battle with Brim to climb into third place, while Rainbow continued its rise when they claimed all points against Dimboola.
The final game of the round saw Hopetoun receive a forfeit from Jeparit.
In a double-header at Anzac Park, Warrack Maroon started the day in a blaze of glory as they reeled off the first three sets in the mixed doubles when Mitch Greenwood and Ellie Baxter teamed for a 9-7 win before Connor McKenzie and Zannie Malone and Sean McKenzie and Kelly Krahe claimed wins 9-3 and 9-4 respectively.
Arkona put its first win on the board when John O’Dwyer and Kaylene Pietsch claimed a 9-2 win and when Chris Rae and Laura Herben also claimed a 9-2 win, the section was up for grabs.
Going down to the wire, Arkona’s Hayden Williams and Kristen Klinge claimed a 9-7 win in the final set which gave their side a thrilling win 41 games to 38, three sets apiece.
Continuing the closeness of the contest in the mens section, all sets were up for grabs as the widest margin of the six sets played was 9-6.
That occured in the first set when Nick Pietsch and Trevor McBain opened with a win before Arkona added the next two sets when John O’Dwyer and Chris Rae won 9-6 and Pietsch and Mitchell Jorgensen outlasted Mitch Greenwood and Connor McKenzie in a tie-breaker.
Trailing three sets to nil, Maroon rallied to win the next two sets as Todd Krahe and Lachie Golder teamed for a 9-6 win before Connor and Sean McKenzie won 9-7 in another tight encounter.
The section was ultimately decided in the final set which also went the distance to a tie-breaker which was taken out by Arkona’s Chris Rae and Hayden Williams to give their side a narrow four sets, 48 games to two sets, 44 games win.
The difference in the day belonged to the Maroon ladies who dominated their section to claim five of the six sets played.
Peeling off the first five sets, Ellie Baxter and Kelly Krahe won 9-2 before Liz Doyle and Petah Winsall claimed a tense tie-breaker.
A 9-4 win to Zannie Malone and Krahe was their fifth win before Petra Wolthuis and Klinge won their side’s set for the section 9-7 as Maroon won the point five sets, 52 games to one set, 30 games.
The final result saw Maroon win a thriller three points, 10 sets, 134 games to two points, eight sets, 120 games.
The second match at Anzac Park saw Warrack Gold host Brim with the two teams playing out a closely fought day of tennis.
The final result saw Gold win five points, 9 sets, 93 games to three sets, 71 games but the result was up for grabs for most of the day.
Playing four men and four ladies, Gold started well in the mixed section to claim the opening point three sets 31 games to one set, 21 games.
With a shortage of men Emma Koschitzke and Rikki Nitschke played in the mens section as Scott Stewart and Lynley Clyne started well with a 9-5 win before Koschitzke and Carolyn Morcom claimed the second set 9-4.
Brim’s Cam Blinman and Simone Lindsay claimed the third set 9-4 before Chris Kellett and Brodie Hallam won the final set 9-3 to ensure the opening point.
Brim’s Lachie Stewart and Blinman started well to take the opening set in the mens section 9-7 before Koschitzke and Kellett levelled sets in a tense tie breaker over Steve Murphy and Noah Butuyuyu.
In a tight finish to the section, Gold was able to claim the point when Stewart and Koschitzke teamed for a 9-6 win before Nitschke and Kellett won the final set 9-7 to ensure a three sets, 34 games to one set, 30 games win.
The ladies section was also closely contested as Gold started well with a 9-5 win to Clyne and substitute Molly Stewart before Morcom and Brodie Hallam won 9-4.
Gold was able to secure the section when Clyne and Morcom teamed for a 9-2 as Lindsay and Sue Sanford claimed the side’s winning set with a 9-1 win in the final set for the day.
Rainbow continued its strong form of late when they claimed a comprehensive win over Dimboola, winning all five points and not losing a set for the day, 135 games to 44.
Playing five men and five ladies, Rainbow dominated the mixed doubles section to win the opening point, five sets, 45 games to 13 games.
A 9-0 win to Marc Edelsten and Eddie Hallam set the scene for the mens section as Rainbow won all five sets to win its second point 45 games to 17.
Complementing the day, Rainbow’s ladies produced some strong form to claim all sets on offer to win the section 45 games to 14.
Tennis now breaks for its Christmas holiday break and will resume on February 2.
Ladder: Antwerp 38.5, 140.69; Hopetoun 36, 159.85; Warrack Gold 31.5, 111,41; Arkona 29, 111.30; Warrack Maroon 27, 107.69; Rainbow 19, 97.10; Brim 17, 75.57; Jeparit 15, 81.98; Dimboola 12, 57.43.
Warrack Maroon 3 points, 10 sets, 134 games d Arkona 2 points, 8 sets, 120 games.
Mixed: Mitch Greenwood, Ellie Baxter d Nick Pietsch, Meaghan Pohlner 9-7, Connor McKenzie, Zannie Malone d Trevor McBain, Emily Polack 9-3, Sean McKenzie, Kelly Krahe d Mitchell Jorgensen, Petra Wolthuis 9-4, Todd Krahe, Liz Doyle lost to John O’Dwyer, Kaylene Pietsch 2-9, Mitchell Hadley, Petah Winsall lost to Chris Rae, Laura Herben 2-9, Lachie Golder, Kat Lenz lost to Hayden Williams, Kristen Klinge 7-9.
Men: M. Greenwood, S. McKenzie lost to N. Pietsch, T. McBain 6-9, T. Krahe, M. Hadley lost to J. O’Dwyer, C. Rae 6-9, M. Greenwood, C. McKenzie lost to N. Pietsch, M. Jorgensen 8-9, T. Krahe, L. Golder d J. O’Dwyer, H. Williams 9-5, C. & S. McKenzie d M. Jorgensen, T. McBain 9-7, M. Hadley, L. Golder lost to C. Rae, H. Williams 8-9.
Ladies: E. Baxter, K. Krahe d M. Pohlner, E. Polack 9-2, L. Doyle, P. Winsall d K. Pietsch, P. Wolthuis 9-8, E. Baxter, Z. Malone d M. Pohlner, L. Herben 9-1, L. Doyle, K. Lenz d K. Pietsch, K. Klinge 9-6, Z. Malone, K. Krahe d L. Herben, E. Polack 9-6, P. Winsall, K. Lenz lost to P. Wolthuis, K. Klinge 7-9.
Rainbow 5 points, 15 sets, 135 games d Dimboola 0 point, 0 sets, 44 games.
Mixed: Marc Edelsten, Rowena Keller d Jake Miller, Breanna Eldridge 9-2, Adam Gould, Lauren Hallam d Corey Goss, Kate Clark 9-4, Eddie Hallam, Stef Newton d Tony Goss, Jenny Haebich 9-4, Sharyn Gelligen, Allan Roberts d Rob Barry, Georgina O’Halloran 9-0, Rhys Boehm, Colleen Petschel d Jacob Cocks, Jordi Heinrich 9-3.
Men: M. Edelsten, E. Hallam d J. Miller, C. Goss 9-0, A. Roberts, R. Boehm d R. Barry, J. Cocks 9-5, M. Edelsten, A. Gould d J. Miller, T. Goss 9-3, E. Hallam, R. Boehm d C. Goss, J. Cocks 9-6, A. Gould, A. Roberts d T. Goss, R. Barry 9-3.
Women: R. Keller, S. Newton d B. Eldridge, J. Haebich 9-3, S. Gelligen, C. Petschel d G. O’Halloran, J. Heinrich 9-2, R. Keller, L. Hallam d B. Eldridge, K. Clark 9-4, S. Newton, C. Petschel d J. Haebich, J. Heinrich 9-1, L. Hallam, S. Gelligen d K. Clark, G. O’Halloran 9-4.
Warrack Gold 5 points, 9 sets, 93 games d Brim 0 points, 3 sets, 71 games.
Mixed: Scott Stewart, Lynley Clyne d Lachie Stewart, Casey Quick 9-5, Emma Koschitzke, Carol Morcom d Steven Murphy, Amanda Marshman 9-4, Rikki Nitschke, Molly Stewart lost to Cam Blinman, Simone Lindsay 4-9, Chris Kellett, Brodi Hallam d Noah Butuyuyu, Sue Sanford 9-3.
Men: S. Stewart, R. Nitschke lost to L. Stewart, C. Blinman 7-9, E. Koschitzke, C. Kellett d S. Murphy, N. Butuyuyu 9-8, S. Stewart, E. Koschitzke d L. Stewart, S. Murphy 9-6, R. Nitschke, C. Kellett d C. Blinman, N. Butuyuyu 9-7.
Ladies: L. Clyne, M. Stewart d C. Quick, S. Lindsay 9-5, C. Morcom, B. Hallam d A. Marshman, S. Sanford 9-4, L. Clyne, C. Morcom d C. Quick, A. Marshman 9-2, M. Stewart, B. Hallam lost to S. Lindsay, S. Sanford 1-9.