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Wind storm causes havoc along the river

Fallen Trees on Horseshoe Bend Road after wind storm
Fallen Trees on Horseshoe Bend Road after wind storm


Fallen Trees on Horseshoe Bend Road after wind storm
Fallen Trees on Horseshoe Bend Road after wind storm

On Friday evening the regulars gathered at the Dimboola Rowing Club.

Bill Thomson and Phil Colquhoun came down the river on their riverboat and moored at the rowing club.

The evening was quite warm and and a group was having an enjoyable swim. Everything seemed quite normal for a hot night. The river was calm and what was about to happen next nobody expected.


The rowing shed started to rumble and a loud noise deafened the conversation. Looking out the window there were tree branches flying by.  Philip and Bill make a mad dash out to the boats.


A gale force windstorm came through bringing down trees and breaking off limbs. Two huge pine trees across the river on Horseshoe Bend Road had fallen across the road, blocking access to vehicles.

Limbs scattered through the Reserve
Limbs scattered through the Reserve

Dimboola State Emergency members were called out and contacted the Hindmarsh Shire Council yard for help. Staff came down with a tractor to help clear the road, however the tractor was unable to move the large trees owing to the size, so they had to go away and bring back the larger front end loader.

The trees were then pushed to the side of the road to allow the traffic through.


The Dimboola Recreation Reserve was a sea of broken limbs from the gum trees.


The storm only lasted about three minutes and everything soon calmed down, as though it never happened, with the only the remaining trash as evidence that there was a storm.


Ashley Avery said, “we were at the swimming pool and heard this almighty roar from the wind coming through. We could see the debri flying across the sky.”


“The pool did not suffer any damage or debri,’ he said.


Denis Elliot was making his way to the rowing club on the River Princess when the storm hit.


“The wind hit the boat at such a force it pushed it backwards and put it up on the river bank,” said Dennis.


“There were large logs floating down the river that made the challenge of keeping the boat safe difficult,” he said.


“There was debri all along the river. It was amazing.”


Other reports have come in that a large dead redgum had fallen down on the Common during the storm, although it was not causing any problem were it landed.


Hindmarsh Shire Council workers were kept busy on Monday doing a clean up of the Recreation Reserve.