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139 years and still relevant

The original office of the Dimboola Banner newspaper and printery, c.1880.

The Dimboola Banner celebrated its 139th birthday last Friday.  The first publication of the Banner was printed on May 10, in 1879.

After many successful years of publication a takeover bid was made in 1921, however the bid failed and an opposing newspaper, the Dimboola Chronicle, went into publication. The Banner remained robust and absorbed the Chronicle in 1930. There have been several owners over the years including the Barry family and in latter years the Ward family from Warracknabeal who took over the newspaper well over ten years ago, to ensure its survival.

The original Banner print shop is now operated as a museum, by the Dimboola Historical Society and still has much of the original typesetting and printing equipment and presses.

While today the business has seen threats from online media, the paper still remains highly relevant to the community.  The paper is still the provider of local information through a proven media that has stood the test of time. The determination of the editor David Ward is to ensure that there is a Dimboola Banner out every Wednesday.

Mr Ward said, “the Banner is still as relevant today as it was 139 years. There is no other media providing such a comprehensive coverage of local and business information”.

“With ongoing support from local businesses and advertisers, the Banner will continue for many more years covering local Dimboola stories and events and recording today’s news, which quickly becomes the history of the community, no other medium does this. ” he said.