Yarriambiack Shire Council Infrastructure Services Manager, Bernie Naylor
TIP NO MORE: Yarriambiack Shire Council Infrastructure Services Manager, Bernie Naylor, stands beside the current tip landfi ll hole, which will soon cease to exist when the tip becomes a full transfer station, with hard waste being transported to the Dooen land fi ll site.

Y A R R I A M B I A C K  Shire Council has received notification from Sustainability Victoria, that the shire’s application to upgrade the Warracknabeal transfer station has been successful and that council will close the landfill tip.

The landfill site, situated to the northeast of Warracknabeal and adjacent to the rifle range, has been in operation for over 30 years, with the previous tip nearby on the Golf course road. The current site already includes facilities for recyclables such as cardboard, metals, plastics, oil, chemical drums and glass.

Infrastructure Services Manager, Bernie Naylor, said, “Yarriambiack Council had considered all aspects of operating a landfill tip and council believes the costs of obtaining EPA approval and setting up a new accredited tip to be quite prohibitive compared to a transfer station.”

“EPA now require all landfill sites to be clay lined, with provisions to prevent leaching and under certain circumstances gas venting or extraction,” he said.

Under the Resource Recovery Infrastructure Fund the council has been allocated $140,000 towards the project.

The council is aiming to reduce the risk to the environment and human health, posed by the current unlicensed landfill, whilst increasing resource recovery through the co-located
transfer station.

“Through a better designed transfer station, more green organic waste and other recyclables will be diverted from landfill in a safe and effective manner,” Mr Naylor said.

“The upgrades to the transfer station will also provide the ground works required for the forthcoming e-waste collect infrastructure upgrades, which can assist in providing a smooth transition to the e-waste landfill ban,” he said.

The estimated cost of the redevelopment is approximately $300,000. The requirements on Council to construct further landfill cells at the Warracknabeal transfer station and the costs associated with implementation are becoming quite prohibitive.

The project will include work to construct a covered roofed hard waste disposal facility and the construction of recyclable compound areas for tyres, batteries, gas cylinders and co-mingles recyclables.

Pavement and sealing works will be required for the site which will lead to the closure and rehabilitation of the existing landfill. Once completed all hard waste will be transported to
the regional landfill site near Dooen.

Council is looking to go to tender later in the year, most probably in October with
the project to be completed around the middle of 2019.