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Frightening speeding data concern at schools

CARE REQUIRED: A car passes through the Anderson St school crossing.
CARE REQUIRED: A car passes through the Anderson St school crossing.

A RECENT recording of traffic speed data at the Anderson Street school crossing opposite the Warracknabeal Primary School has revealed a worrying trend with some drivers recorded at 50kph over the posted speed limit Figures recorded by the Yarriambiack Shire over a week from 10 am Friday to Friday, using traffic recording strips across the road, shows a vast number of drivers are not only disobeying the speed limits, which is either a
mandatory 40km permanently (not just during school times) or the 50km speed limit on
either sides of the school zone between Gardiner and Werrigar streets.


Warracknabeal Police are horrified by the results of the data recorded, “it really defies comprehension this sort of driving behaviour particularly outside a primary school,”

Warracknabeal Police Sergeant Kylie Newell saidFigures show that out of a total sample of 4,899 recorded travelling over the strips, 18.69 percent of drivers going through the school crossing on Anderson Street are driving at speeds well above the posted signage and the regular town wide speed limit.


Using the excuse of, “I forgot it was school time” doesn’t carry weight either, as the preceding approach to the school crossing from both ends of Anderson St is already a mandatory 50 kph permanently as well.

In the sample week in July (20/07 – 27/07) 1,875 cars were recorded at between 40 50kms. 688 between 50-60km, 98 were recorded between 60 and 70 kph, eight between 70-80 and two at 50 kph over recorded between 80-90 kph.


The statistics for larger vehicles (ie courier type truck vehicles) were just as bad considering the lesser numbers of such vehicles on the road. The data show that
220 vehicles were recorded between 40-50 kph, 98 were between 50-60, 18 between  60-70 and once again two were between 80-90 kph.

Sgt Kylie Newell said yesterday these results are highly disappointing, “based
on this data we are currently looking at policing these zones more thoroughly. I was
rather surprised by some of the speeds recorded.”

“There is no excuse for this sort of driving behaviour and the public can be assured that we will be addressing this. Police Highway Patrol will also be more involved in dealing with these drivers on a more regular basis,” Sgt Newell said.