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Grand Final fever for Roos 17 and Under

Finals team: Zanaiya Bergen, Ruby Redford, Olivia Lehmann, Stephanie Glover, Emily Gartlan, Macey Laverty, Sophie Warner, Delta Wardle,Coach Sharon Bartholomew Coach Kellie Laverty, Mackenzie Ryen and Joanne Wolthuis and team manager Tamara Gartlan
Finals team: Zanaiya Bergen, Ruby Redford, Olivia Lehmann, Stephanie Glover, Emily Gartlan, Macey Laverty, Sophie Warner, Delta Wardle,Coach Sharon Bartholomew Coach Kellie Laverty, Mackenzie Ryen and Joanne Wolthuis and team manager Tamara Gartlan, Photo by Bronwyn Campbell

This Saturday the Dimboola Roo’s, 17 and Under netball girls will face Horsham for the decider in the 2018 grand final at Warracknabeal.

The team has had a stellar year with only one loss for the year and that loss was up against the defending Horsham Demons.

Coach Kellie Laverty and Sharon Bartholomew have been preparing the young Roo’s in what will be an exciting game.  There is no doubt that this team has every opportunity to take home the flag.

As always the experienced final players from the Horsham Demons will not give the game to Dimboola without a real fight. Horsham had beaten Dimboola in round two with a seven goal margin on the Dimboola court.  However Dimboola took control in round 11 at Horsham, beating Horsham by a comfortable 12 goals.

Senior players have been working with the 17’s over the past two weeks, passing on their experience to help the girls along.  Dimboola was able to rest last weekend, while Horsham had to defend their position to play in the grand final. This has given the coaches plenty of time to prepare the Roo’s for this Saturday’s major clash

Captain Ruby Redford will play Goal Attack and Goal Defence and will work hard to ensure that they maximise every opportunity.  At only 15, Ruby shows great leadership on the court and will be a tough contender on the court. MacKenzie Ryen also aged 15 and the smallest of the team will be a fast and dynamic player, who will get the ball from the centre accurately and effortlessly.

Ruby Redford
Ruby Redford aged 15
Goal Attack, Goal Defence
Captain 2018
Athletic goalie, provides huge workload over entire game. Beautiful shooter, displays quiet mannerism on and off court. An on court leader, quick thinker who finds space easily. An all rounder who works tirelessly.
Mackenzie Ryen
MacKenzie Ryen aged 15
Centre, Wing Attack
Feeds goalies accurately and effortlessly. A gritty, athletic, flexible mid-court player. Good ability to get finger tips onto the ball. Can run all match with opposition. Our smallest presence on court with quick pace.

Sophie Warner will make a huge impact on the wing defence and centre with her ability to convert the play to her favour and take advantage of her opponents errors. Wimmera League runner up best and fairest, Stephanie Glover will be difficult for Horsham to run down. Her agility on court and fast play will ensure her presence on the court will be seen.

Sophie Warner
Sophie Warner aged 16
Wing Attack, Centre
A humble, harmonic, quick thinking player, who creates play by opening up the court.
A link player who works tirelessly combining defence to attack. Accurate feeder into the goalies. Can precisely dodge to loose opposition players.
Stephanie Glover
Stephanie Glover aged 15
Goal Defence, Goal Attack
Runners Up League Best and Fairest.
Has excelled on court this season. Versatile, quick thinking, brilliant elevation and reach is off-putting to any opposition. A tenacious defender and pulls off timely intercepts, creating opportunities for team mates. Deceivingly quick off the mark. Tireless worker.

Zanaiya Bergen who is still only 15, has plenty of height to dominate the goal circle. As goal shooter and goalkeeper Zanaiya will be well heard on court and able to rebound quickly.   

Zanaiya Bergen aged 15
Goal shooter, Goalkeeper
Tallest team member, as used for strong rebounds. Accurate shooter, sneaky quick passes to team mates and uses her voice on court. Strong hands, combines well with other goalie. Strong presence up forward.

Emily Gartlan aged 16 will be on the wing defence and wing attack and with her strong grip, will defend the position well, leading to may intercepts to the Roo’s favour. Olivia Lehmann aged 16 is a fierce worker at goalkeeper and goal defence. Olivia will dominate the defence and be well ready to take advantage of the errors coming from Horsham goalies.

Emily Gartlan
Emily Gartlan aged 16
Wing Defence, Wing Attack
Mid court defender. Great reach over the ball, blocking view of opposition. Applies close and tight pressure. Strong vice like hands. Excellent footwork. Assists finding space over the court to bring the ball out of defence.

Macey Laverty at 15 will be on wing defence and wing attack. She will be applying some quick, good pressure over the ball with her quick reflexes.

Macey Laverty
Macey Laverty aged 15
Wing Defence, Wing Attack
A courteous, quick thinking player who reads the ball well. Ability to take timely intercepts while combining well with the defence end. Quick reflexes and applies good pressure over the ball.
Olivia Lehmann
Olivia Lehmann aged 16
Goal Keeper, Goal Defence
Fierce and tenacious hard working defender, good defensive arms over the ball. Excellent little feet. Makes opposition attackers work hard for their possessions. A robust, gutsy player.

Delta Wardle, another of the 15 year old, has great ability in any position and will play centre and goal scorer. While Delta does not have a lot of height, she is accurate on the goal scoring, rarely missing the hoop.

Delta Wardle
Delta Wardle aged 15
Centre, Goal shooter
Great ability to read the play. Links well with team mates to bring the ball down the court. Fast, athletic, quiet player with the ability to play in most positions.

Joanne Wolthuis at 16, will be on the side due to injury. This has not been a good year for Joanne with injury after just recovering for her arm injured early in the season, to face yet another injury for the grand final. Her team will certainly know Joanne will be on the side making plenty of noise encouraging the Roo’s for a win.

Joanne Wolthuis
Joanne Wolthuis aged 16
Goal Shooter, Wing Defence
Great ability to read the play. Accurate shot, can hold and block players well.
Has had several netball related injuries this season, which hasn’t dampened her support for her team . Remains focused and supportive.

The game starts at 11.35 am at Anzac Park in Warracknabeal.  Get on over and display plenty of green and gold, make lots of noise and help the girl take home the grand final trophy.