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Where the air is clear

Hot air balloon between Lah and Beulah.
Hot air balloon between Lah and Beulah.

ON Friday morning many people would have noticed the majestical
sight of a hot air balloon between Lah and Beulah. Graeme Holland and Mathew Crisp were the ‘lucky buggers’ enjoying the thrilling experience when fully certified hot air balloon pilot, Sarah Ellis, gave them the ride of their lives.

“It was a fabulous experience,” said Graeme Holland.

“It was a little bit scarey cause you’re only in a basket,” he admitted.

The ride came about following a conversation between Graeme and Sarah
while he was picking up some chemicals; Sarah is an agronomist with Robert
Smith & Co, when not indulging her love of hot air ballooning.

Sarah, belonging to a hot-air ballooning club giving members access to a balloon on a regular basis and she offered to share her love of the sport.

Early in the morning, following about 20 minutes of preparation the boys were off.

“It didn’t take that long to get the balloon set up before we were on our way,” said Graeme.

The three were in the air for about an hour, thoroughly enjoying the scenery along the way.

“It is really difficult to describe the experience but a big thing is the quiet.”

“While we were up we could hear the ground noise; cars passing and cows mooing,” he said.

Graeme said that Sarah was a marvellous pilot and because she was aware of their nerves, made sure everything was just right.

The trip took them over the town of Brim and past the silos and gave the men a unique view of the area.

“Brim just looked magnificent from the air as did the silos,” Graeme said.

The balloon went as high as 2000 feet and reached speeds of up to 38km/hr during the flight.