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‘It’s a Circus’ at end of year concert

Dance Now students took their final bows during Come Alive from ‘The Greatest Showman
Dance Now students took their final bows during Come Alive from ‘The Greatest Showman

A TROUPE of 80 skilled dancers from the tender age of three to adults, with both boys and girls, performed two concerts for the end of year of the Dance Now dance school, to the theme of ‘It’s a Circus’.

Dance instructor Kelly Schultz said the shows were well supported by family and friends, with a full house in the afternoon and a good crowd at the evening show.

Spectacular lighting, colour and quality sound brought a circus feel to the Town Hall on Saturday, which also included songs from the ‘The Greatest Showman’.

An introduction to the show was performed by senior students, and a tap routine to The Greatest Show was well received.

The competition troupe duo of Sarah McPherson and Delta Wardle and soloist, Ella Holland performed to the wide applause of the crowd.

The solo and duo performances by students were new to the show and were popular with the audience

Unfortunately Dance Now principal Kelly Schulz was unable to attend the concert due to illness, and said, “with great work by the backstage crew and students they ‘soldiered on’ and put on the show despite her absence in hospital.

Ms Schultz said, “I’m so proud of all the students for their work throughout the year which resulted in, from all reports, a fantastic show.”

“I was devastated to miss what is usually the highlight of my year, but am so grateful to each and every person who contributed to make it happen on the day.”

“The 2019 competition team are about to start training and enrolments for 2019 dance and exam classes will be held in January,” Ms Schultz said.