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Y-Fest boosts $10,000s into district’s economy


AS Warracknabeal prepares for its annual Easter Y-Fest celebrations, many may not appreciate the boost to the economy the festival provides.

The festival draws thousands of visitors to the region and directly supports many of the businesses operating in the town providing a stimulus that only a big occasion can.

Booked out

Motel rooms are at a premium, if one can be found at all and the local caravan parks start to fill up days prior to the event.

Warrack Motel owner, Steve Friend, has had firm bookings for the weekend since the festival last year.

“I had bookings from this time last year, and even with a few last minute cancellations, I have just sold our last room,” he said.

The Country Roads Motor Inn will also be putting up the ‘full’ sign for the weekend as they are also booked out.

Food delight

In addition to having somewhere to sleep, people need feeding and watering, and with the festival comes many options for the visitors and locals alike.

With the pubs and food outlets primed and ready to go, the money spent will go directly into the town’s businesses and economy.

In addition to the fare available in the recognised eateries dotted throughout Warracknabeal, there will be many ‘pop-up’ venues manned by volunteer groups and organisations.

These organisations provide an added option for people to choose from as they are on the move from one activity to another, and every penny spent
is one more that will go back to the community through the work of these organisations.

One such group is the Ladies Rest Rooms committee who will once again serve up the delicious devonshire teas they are fast becoming renowned for.

General buying

In addition to the all important sleeping arrangements and food to keep going, the festival will have an impact on general grocery items with last minute ‘damn I forgot that’ buys to people just going into a store because they can.

Wheatland Warehouse is sure to prove to be a popular spot to visit as it’s fame for a great bargain grows every year.

Sharlene McGinniss at Geoffrey’s Mens and Boys Wear said the Easter weekend is about re-connecting with friends and family.

“Many people get together at events such as the races, and obviously they like to look their best and come in looking for ideas,” she said.

“I enjoy dressing the kids for the races; getting them to think outside of the box adds to the feel of the event.”

“Colour is big this year even for the guys with navy a colour of choice for many.”

“We dress people, Feet First put people into the right shoe or boot, while other businesses take care of the hair, makeup and accessories,” Sharlene

Fosters pride

Many organisations prepare a float for the street parade on Saturday morning which involves a lot of bits and pieces that these groups usually source locally.

The urge to show off one’s best creates the atmosphere any event really needs to ensure a success, both as event for family and the town as a whole.

“The festival is a terrific event for the people of Warracknabeal and brings out the best in the town,” Y-Fest Committee president, Lance Huebner said.

“We have events that run right through the Easter weekend, beginning with the golf tournament and Art Show, and these two events are the final on a calendar full of activities for the whole family,” he said.