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Alambi residents love their Banner

Maureen Wright with her scrapbook of Banner clippings she has been collecting over recent years.

The residents at Allambi read their Dimboola Banner each and every week, giving them a continued connection to the town they grew up in.

Many of the residents have family and friends around town and they look forward to reading about them in the Banner.  

The stories of their grandchildren’s sporting achievements, school awards and the community work their friends are doing are important to keep up with. As they enjoy their elderly years and are not as mobile, the Dimboola Banner provides them with that connection to their community, they would not be able to enjoy otherwise.

The Banner reporter asked some of the residents of Allambi about the Dimboola Banner.

Maureen Wright

Maureen Wright, a resident at Allambi has her Banner delivered every week by Jordan Laverty especially wrapped for her.

Maureen has been reading the Banner for most of her 75 years.

“Mum and Dad always got the Banner. I must have read it since I was a young girl,” said Ms Wright.

The Banner has featured Allambi in many stories over the years and Maureen loves to see the photographer arrive and get the photos of their events.

The Banner Scrapbook

There have been many interesting articles for Maureen and she had been putting together a scrapbook of articles that had interested her over the recent years.

Some of the highlights Maureen found worthy of her scrapbook, were Dimboola winning the Tidy Towns award, the story of Maureen’s scarecrow at the Show, when the students from DMSC collated ‘life books’ for the residents and the Dimboola Town committee gazebo by the weir.

Maureen liked to remember when the children from St Peter’s Lutheran School came to Allambi to visit, the christening of the new rowing boat at the Dimboola Rowing Club, Joyce Unger’s birthday, the Allambi Melbourne Cup fashion day, Carols by Candlelight and the Keep Australia Beautiful Sustainability award.   

“I like everything about the Banner,” said Maureen.

Dot Haby has read the Banner each week for most of her 96 years.

Dot Haby

Dot Haby just turned 96 and still loves her Banner.  

“The Banner had been a part of my life from a very young age, “ she said.

“I would always send my sister in Mackay, the Banner each week when I had finished reading it,”  Mrs Haby said.

“We would also send a copy to my sister in Frankston, who would then pass it on to my brother. I think that copy was passed on to about four family members,” Mr Haby said.

Danny Grieger

Danny Grieger said, “I never ever read the Banner until I came to Allambi. I read it every week now and really enjoy it.”