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Award presented to river stakeholders

Stake Holders
Stakeholders: Keith Gardan, Launer Gardan, Ron Campbell, Bill Thomson, Mark Gaulke, Kaylene Pietsch, Keith Muller, Audrey Hurst, Darren Bone, Cr Debra Nelson, Mayor Cr Ron Ismay, Jan Ballard, and Aunty Nancy.

A gathering of river stakeholders met at the Dimboola Rowing Club on Friday night to receive the Keep Australia Beautiful ‘Sustainable Water’ award that Dimboola won in Tasmania last month.

Hindmarsh Shire Council Mayor Cr Ron Ismay and Cr Debra Nelson were amongst the guests that attended.

Chris Johnson welcomed everyone to the event and acknowledged the attendance of the Mayor and Cr Nelson, as well as Aunty Nancy Harrison, representing the Barengi Gadjin Land Council.

There was a late apology from the Wimmera Mallee Catchment Authority and Parks Victoria.

Mr Johnson invited Aunty Nancy to perform Welcome to Country, in which she acknowledged the great effort of everyone for winning the award.  

Mr Johnson said, “our Mayor, Cr Ismay had the privilege to chaperone Jan Ballard and Audrey Hurst to Smithton in Tasmania for the Keep Australia Beautiful Awards. Tonight we have brought together the stakeholders who have worked along the river, that has made the river sustainable for future users of this wonderful resource.”

“This award was won by Dimboola, The credit does not go the any individual or group, but to a lot of people and the groups they represent, that has made the river sustainable for generations to come. The Dimboola Town Committee is happy to present to Dimboola the Keep Australia Beautiful Sustainable Water award.”

Cr Ismay said, “I am truly proud to have had the privilege to go to Tasmania with Jan and Audrey and bring home this award for the community of Dimboola.”

“The community of Dimboola should be really proud of their achievement, where we competed against some really good entries,” he said.   

Dimboola Ski Club President Daren Bone said, “this is a truly amazing award for the whole of Dimboola. This is a national award that is not just given out to anyone.”

“The work that the groups have put into the river bank is proof that we were are doing the right thing for the river,” said Mr Bone.

“The KAB Judge Gayle Langley is well conversed in conservation and with her and her husband manages a leading award winning conservation farm in NSW.”

“What this award tells us is that Dimboola has the best piece of water in Australia,” Mr Bone said.

The stakeholders recognised in the award were Hindmarsh Shire Council, Dimboola Weir Pool users group, The Dimboola Boat and Water Ski Club, Dimboola Rowing Club, Parks Victoria and the Wimmera Catchment Management Authority.

It was decided that the framed award certificate will given to Dimboola Rowing Club as custodians of the award to be on display in the club rooms.

Mrs Ballard said, “this is a good home for the award, as other user groups do not have an appropriate place to display it. The award will also be on view for guests when the KVB reception will be held at the Rowing Club in October.”