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Arrested and charged for drugs


WARRACKNABEAL Police together with the Police District Task Force raided three homes in Gould St, Warracknabeal on Friday.

Nine police officers executed three search warrants at the Gould St addresses and arrested three males aged between 20 and 35 years at the addresses.

They will face charges of possession of Cannabis and Methamphetamine (ICE) drugs and were bailed on the charges to appear in the Horsham Magistrates Court at a date to be set.

Shocking assault

A 15 year old girl was taken by ambulance to Horsham af-ter an alleged assault at around 4.45 pm outside Jim’s Cafe in Warracknabeal on Saturday afternoon.

Warracknabeal Police Sgt Kylie Newell said, “the girl sustained significant bruising and a black eye from the assault and I am appalled by the alleged attack and the behaviour of such a young person.”

Police interviewed and then arrested another 15 year old girl over the assault. Sgt Newell said the girl will appear before the Children’s Court on the charges at a later date.


Warracknabeal Police are appealing for witnessed to a brazen theft of a bicycle from the footpath near the Royal Mail Hotel on Monday morning.

“I’m surprised by the brazen theft of this bicycle in broad daylight in the middle of the main street. Someone must have seen the black mountain bike with a red Post Office basket on the front being stolen. It’s downright rude and blatant for a theft like this,” Sgt Kylie Newell said.

“We would value anyone who saw this bike either being ridden or taken away and would appeal to anyone who witnessed the theft to call Warracknabeal Police or to ring the Crimestoppers numbers as soon as possible,” Sgt Newell said.

Jewellery found

Warracknabeal Police advise a quantity of jewellery has
been handed in.
The jewellery was found outside the Brim Hall on Mother’s Day and handed over to the Police.
“If you think you are the owner of the jewellery, please come down to the Warracknabeal Police,” Leading Senior Constable, Shane Riggall