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MINYIP’S Agricultural and Pastoral Society will formally disband and the show will be no more.

The sad decision comes after a public meeting hosted by the A&P Society in favour of the group’s decision to disband on Wednesday night.

Society president, Don Orr, opened the meeting at 8pm which included Andrea Cross, secretary from Wimmera Agricultural Societies Association (WASA) and Claire Bibby from the Victorian Agricultural Shows Ltd (VAS).

The two women were in attendance to support the continuation of the show. When asked for volunteers to join the committee, the percentage of those who were willing to sign-up to help keep the show running was extremely small.

When asked for a show of hands to close down the show, the majority of those present voted in favour to disband.

Following the decision, a discussion surrounding the disbursement of funds ensued with agreement on two key points:

  • A plaque for the late Iris Wiesse who had worked tirelessly for the A&P Society for many years as secretary
  • Any other remaining funds were to be distributed amongst the non-profit community groups in the town.

The show had been running since 1887 when it opened its gates on September 23 and last year was the 122nd installment of the time- honoured event.

As with many small towns, Minyip has struggled to recruit new members to the committee and those already in place, are now physically unable to lift and move equipment.

In 1985 the then A&P president, Mr. A.W. Milgate, called on young people to support the show as he felt the future of the event was in their hands. Minyip Primary School took up the call to support future shows in the town and in 2014 saw the introduction of a junior committee of four students who worked with A&P Society to plan and run the show, while the remainder of the school helped wherever possible.