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Bev’s services recognised with OAM

OAM for Bev Hoffmann

Mrs Beverly Jean Hoffmann has been awarded an OAM for services to sport and the community of Dimboola.

A somewhat shocked 84 year old Mrs Hoffmann thought the whole thing was a joke at first.

“The letter was in my postbox on April 1 and I laughed,” she said.

“Then my daughter came to visit and I said that someone had played an April fool joke on her then showed her the letter. My daughter had to point out to me that it was an official letter from the Commonwealth,” Mrs Hoffman said.

In 1952 Mr Hoffmann became a founding member of the Dimboola Netball Club. She played in the A Grade premiership side in 1955, 1956, and 1957.

First in the back row is Bev Hoffmann after winning the 1955 premiership

“I had been a devoted member of the club and I was there when the club nearly folded in 2000.  We managed to get seven girls to form a B Grade side but they said we had to compete in A Grade,” she said.

“I managed to convince the league that we can only play B Grade that they allowed us to play for three years until we won the B Grade premiership and then we needed to move to A Grade,” Mrs Hoffmann said.

Dimboola now fronts six full netball teams.

Mrs Hoffmann also been a life member of the Dimboola Football Netball Club for the past 30 years and a Life member of the Wimmera League Netball Association

Her dedication to sport continued with her role as the President of the Dimboola Football Netball Club Ladies Committee and President and Secretary, Dimboola Golf Club Ladies Committee.

Mrs Hoffman is a founding member of the Dimboola Croquet Club since 2013 bringing with her a great deal of experience after been a Founding Member, Dimboola Basketball Association for Ladies.

Not only was Mrs Hoffmann a good netballer, she was also a good golfer and would later become president of Wimmera’s Golf Association Seniors. She played netball at the weekend and golf on Wednesdays.

Unfortunately for Mrs Hoffmann she lost her trophies and memories which were destroyed in a house fire.

“The house burnt down and everything was lost, all I have is the 50 years of the Dimboola Netball Club Book that was given to me after the fire,” she said.

Community Service

Mrs Hoffman has been the Vice-President, Dimboola Probus Club and this year became the president.  It was Mrs Hoffman who wrote many Probus stories each month on the clubs adventures in the Dimboola Banner.  

She is also a Member at St Peter’s Anglican Church Dimboola and Treasurer of the Young Members Department, Dimboola Anglican Church.