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Fashions of the 20’to the 60’s

Fashion historian Nicole Jenkins with an early wedding dress
Fashion historian Nicole Jenkins with an early wedding dress

Wimmera Regional Library Dimboola branch hosted Nicole Jenkins to speak about fashions in through the ages from the early 20th century yesterday.

Ms Jenkins is a fashion historian, an award winning writer, an educator and a retailer in ladies fashions through the past.

A group of local ladies crammed into the library to hear the compelling stories behind some of the fashions Ms Jenkins had collected over many years. 

Through her collection she had found that no matter what the period was for fashion women were always different shapes.  Only difference in recent times is that women are getting taller.

There are many topics when it comes to fashion and some of the things Ms Jenkins spoke about was the style and design changes over the years, the fabrics used and garment construction and manufacturing techniques.

Fashions in Australia had a profound role in social and cultural impacts in the early years.

“Many of the fashion after WW1 were cut to create other items.  People wanted to put the past behind them after both the great wars and fashion played a major part,” said Ms Jenkins.

Her fascinated audience also learned about the care, cleaning and storage of Ms Jenkins collection.