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60 year celebrations for premiership win

• Dimboola Football Club premiers 1959, back row, A. Jones, I. Lehmann, F. Proud (trainer), S. Barber, B. Docherty; centre, J. Haby (trainer), K. Pohlner (goal umpire), B. Frecker, A. Wollerman, J. Netherway, W. Lawson, D. Gribble, M. Gooding, F. Poole (head trainer), C. McPhee (trainer); front, L. Marks, I. Schneider, D. Howland, R. Shipsides, D. Thomas (capt-coach), R. McRae (vice-capt), L. Budde, H. Greig, C. Nuske, G. Barber (mascot). Inset left, A. Irvine, Inset right, R. Watson.

THIS weekend will see the celebration of the 60th anniversary of the Dimboola Football Club 1959 premiership win.
In a nail-biting match between Dimboola and Warracknabeal, as they vied for the coveted premiership cup, Dimboola took the game down to the wire, and when the final siren sounded Dimboola were the victors by one point.
Dimboola Football and Netball club life members secretary Peter Hughes said there are still 10 members of the premiership team still alive, seven of whom will attend the reunion this Saturday, at a luncheon at Dimboola.
“Many of these fellows are of a significant age now and some into their 90’s, with the youngest being 78. Invitations have been sent to players or a close relative to attend on this auspicious occasion” said Peter Hughes.
“Bob Watson and Athol Jones have been a huge help in tracking down those players who are able to attend. These include: Alan Wollerman of Horsham, Ian Lehmann of Dimboola, Athol Jones of Colac, Bob Watson of Torquay, Jeff Netherway of Horsham, Ian Schneider of Toowoomba and Bob Shipsides of Mildura,” Mr Hughes said.
“Unfortunately while still alive, Doug Thomas, Darren Gribble and Darryl Howland have been unable to attend,” he said.
Club life members president Bruce Miller will welcome members and guests to the Dimboola Sporting Club annual dinner meeting at the clubrooms at midday on Saturday, which is round 12 of the season against Warrack Eagles.
“It is hoped that the premiership flag will be raised, if in sufficiently good condition, and weather permitting for the main game, which should bring back a lot of memories for many,” Mr Hughes said.