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Amazonian researcher impressed with RNH

• IMPRESSED: Rural Northwest Health executive manager, people and culture, Dr Kaye Knight (left) welcomed Amazonian researcher Amandia Sousa when she visited the Warracknabeal campus recently.

AMAZONIAN researcher Amandia Sousa was left suitably impressed with rural health services after a recent visit to Warracknabeal.

Ms Sousa is studying rural health services in Australia as part of her PhD at university in Sao Paulo in Brazil.

She is on a scholarship as a visiting researcher with Swimbourne University for one year and was advised to incorporate a visit to Rural Northwest Health as part of her studies.

Ms Sousa said two days at Warracknabeal was intense learning.

“I believe my exchanges with the RNH community will greatly contribute to what I am studying in my PhD studies,” Ms Sousa said.

“I had the opportunity to understand how health services function in Warracknabeal and beyond that, I also could visualize their results in the community and learn about their innovative experiences,” she said.

Ms Sousa said she was thankful to the RNH staff for their openness.

“They were happy to share their experiences with RNH and made themselves available to me,” she said.

“They were also interested to hear about my own experiences in the Brazilian Amazon rural sector. I believe that these are moments that enrich our knowledge and bring us new opportunities for reflection and growth,” she said.

RNH executive manager, people and culture, Dr Kaye Knight said Amandia’s visit was another feather in the cap for the health service.

“The fact that it was suggested to Amandia that she include RNH in her study trip tells us that we are considered a contributor to the models for rural health in both Australia and internationally,” Dr Knight said.

“It’s something for which we should feel proud,” she said.