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Government lends helping hand to Beulah

• SUPPORT: The Beulah community have been working hard to ensure all residents of the town have access to groceries and have now received support from V-Line who are providing a free bus service to the community.

BEULAH receives free bus service while community leaders are coming up with ideas on where to go to next after fire burns down the towns only general store.
The 122-year-old Beulah building was the one-stop-shop for residents of the Yarriambiack town until a fire destroyed their only grocery and general supply store.
It has left the town of 300 with limited options as locals are forced to travel to the next town along to get their bare essentials.
Minister for Public Transport Melissa Horne organised with the bus company V/line to give free bus tickets to locals in Beulah to benefit anyone without their own transport.
The head of the Beulah Historic learning and Progress Association Ian Marshman has been reaching out to local and state government to alleviate the community.
Mr Marshman has been working closely with his community and talking to Melissa and Member for Mildura Ali Cupper to develop a solution for getting a grocery supply line into the town.
He said without the general store it’s made it harder for everyone in their daily routine.
“It’s saddened a lot of people, not just for the likes of the business but it’s obviously made it awkward for people to get their general staples as well,” Ian said.
“We’re just trying to return the services back to community as fast as we can.”
Ian said he is delegating with Ali Cupper after she visited the town for the announcement of the free bus service.
“Ali Cupper was down at Beulah and regional manager Dallas Martin from V-line was there, so they’ve announced getting to and from Beulah up until the start of September which is daily,” he said.
“She’s going to assist us with hopefully setting out some strategies with where we go to in the future so we’ll just try to identify any government grants or government programs, so we are after funding but we’re also after guidance of where we can go.”
Ms Cupper is working with community leaders in Beulah, local and state government to offer a solution for the town.
The Member for Mildura said it’s important the supply of services are shared among the community.
“We need a plan for local service provision which is sustainable moving forward so just in a brief, Ian and I have brainstormed some ideas about the various different services maybe being able to be consolidated at a community hub where the pressure to provide those basic essential services doesn’t come down to just one or two people,” she said.
“Ian and I have made a rough plan to try and convene something towards the end of September, that’s when I’ll be able to get some clear direction from the community of where we go next, in the mean time we’ll be looking at various different grant opportunities if there are any.”
Mr Marshman’s father Gavin Marshman who grew up and went to primary school in Beulah said the general store has been there for as long as he can remember.
“I’ve known the store all my life and I was born in the 30’s, it was built in the 1900s, the services they offered was typical of these small towns you could almost call them a mini coles, sort of a one-stop shop,” Mr Marshman said.
Mr Marshman said he is confident the town will find a solution and push on.
“The old saying in the Mallee area, ‘When the going gets tough, the tough get going,’ and I think it’s fairly applicable here in Beulah,” he said.
“The spirit of the town is out standing, it’s like all small towns, they are resilient and the strong faith of town will continue.”
Melissa Horne said she hopes the small contribution of the free bus service will alleviate some of the pressure on community members.
“This store was the lifeblood of the town and the fire is devastating for the community – we hope that providing free travel goes a little way towards helping locals get around,” Minister Horne said.
Free tickets will be available at the post office until September 1Government lends helping hand to Beulah and depart Beulah on Phillips street to Warracknabeal, Ararat and Ballarat at 7.44 am and return to Beulah at 6pm.