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Working Heritage calls for court house working group

• IMPRESSION: Monash University architects have created a range of artists impressions of the plans for the future of the Warracknabeal Court House.

Working Heritage is searching for seven people in the Warracknabeal district to create a Working Project Group for the development of the Warracknabeal Court House.
Working Heritage is in the process of reinvigorating the court house as an art hub, providing facilities for an artist in residence and when unoccupied, as an “art hotel”.
Working Heritage Executive officer Ross Turnbull said the town planning permits have been submitted to the Yarriambiack Shire Council for an access ramp, door widening, a disability accessible bathroom and to update power and lighting.
“We are fitting the building out ready for the trial run of the artist in residence program which we hope to run from December to perhaps mid next year,” Mr Turnbull said.
“We are organising the project group to get some input from the citizens of Warracknabeal and guidance on how it might operate,” he said.
Mr Turnbull said they are hoping to involve Warracknabeal businesses in the provision of services for the artist in residence and when not occupied, for the “art hotel”.
“Although we aren’t relying on it, but there is the potential for volunteers to assist in some areas,” he said.
The Monash University design team are looking to involve locally recognised materials in the construction of the “Art Hotel” as part of future plans of the project.
Mr Turnbull said the design team were looking to suggestions from residents in the district on the provision of materials.
“They are looking at materials that contribute to the image of the Wimmera such as the blue wheat tarps or the galvanised steel on the sheds and silos,” he said.
Mr Turnbull said membership is an equal opportunity request for people who live and work within the Warracknabeal community, who have a positive and forward thinking attitude.
“At the moment we are organising the test version of the project and in the longer term we hope to go to Regional Development Victoria for the major additions.
“The plan is to have a hotel on the site, and the interior to be a dedicated art space,” he said.
“We are looking forward to the next phase of the project and convening the Project Working Group,” he said.
Members of the working group will be announced in the following weeks.