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Rainbow radar update

• The spiral staircase inside the Rainbow radar tower which has been moved to the site south of Rainbow.

The Rainbow radar tower fabrication is complete and the tower was on its way to the site on Tuesday. Weather permitting, it will be installed this week.
The dome will be installed in October. Until then there will be a temporary cover placed over the top platform.
“This is an exciting and very important milestone in the Rainbow Radar project. The fabrication of the 22 metre cylindrical Australian made steel tower made is now complete,” Bureau of Meteorology Victoria State Manager, Dr Andrew Tupper, said.
“The tower will be delivered to the Rainbow site over the next couple of days. Weighing a hefty 32 tonnes, it will be transported in three sections and once on site, the tower will be erected by two cranes.
“Radars are well known for their iconic ‘golf ball’ domes, the one on the Rainbow radar is due to be installed in October.
“The dome will add an extra five metres to the height of the structure, so, in total the radar will stand 27 metres high.
“The Bureau’s maintenance technicians will be able access the dome by climbing a spiral staircase located inside the tower, this has also been completed.
“I’m pleased to say that the project is still on track to be delivered by April 2020 and we anticipate great benefits to the local community through the improvement of real-time weather information.
“The installation of the radar itself and then the testing of the equipment will still take some time, but getting the tower up shows great progress is being made,” Dr Tupper said.