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Community groups vie for Bendigo Bank funding

PROJECT: (Back) Bendigo Bank Customer Relations Officer Amanda Ingeme and Mila Linder along with branch manager Wayne Anderson (right) are encouraging the community to support the community organisations vying for $15,000. Community Group representatives (from left) Dimboola and District Financial Services representative Wayne Elliott, Dimboola Health and Fitness Centre user group representatives and Sally Klinge, Dimboola Playgroup committee member Erin Wallace and Dimboola Football and Netball Club representative Kellie Laverty.

The Dimboola Community Bendigo Bank Branch are excited to be giving two Dimboola Community Groups a share of $15,000 to help improve their facilities.
The three organisations vying for the funds are the Dimboola Health and Fitness Centre, Dimboola Playgroup and Dimboola Football and Netball Club.
The three finalists were selected by an independant Bendigo Bank team and customers can now vote for their favourite project by entering their token into the appropriate project box, situated at the Dimboola branch.
Customers can receive tokens for banking with the Dimboola branch, to vote for their favourite project.
Staff member Mila Lindner said, “ now that the judges have made their pick, it is up to the community to decide.”
Fitness Centre
The Dimboola Health and Fitness Centre are desperate for funds to help provide shade over their playground facilities.
Situated at the Dimboola Memorial Secondary College, vice-principal Sally Klinge said although the facility is on school grounds, the playground isn’t used by the school students, but by community and visiting groups to the facility.
Ms Klinge said although they were fortunate to receive the funds for the facility, there wasn’t enough to provide cover over the playground and because of this, children weren’t able to be sun safe during activities.
“We have user groups from right across the Wimmera, “ Ms Klinge said.
The Dimboola, Antwerp and Arkona tennis associations, Wimmera Hockey Association, and other schools and user groups frequented the facility, year round.
“We need to find funding somehow and unfortunately because it is on school grounds, we are ineligible for funding,” she said.
“We need to provide some form of shade and sun protection as currently there is nothing,” she said.
Estimations of costs for the project total around $16 to $17,000 for either two shade sails or a shade structure.
“We also want to keep the business local so we plan on using a local business to do the project,” she said.
“Even if one shade sail goes up, and we fundraise for the second, that will help provide some shade,” she said.
Dimboola Playgroup is petitioning for the funds as they are desperate for bi-fold doors between the playgroup rooms and their outdoor play area.
Dimboola Playgroup President Emma Bond said the doors will allow quick entry and exit for the children and parents, as the doorway is currently a solid door and does not allow quick access in the event of an injury.
The new doors will also give parents a view to the outdoor play area, enabling them to watch children both inside and outside
“The doors are a safety issue and the bi-folds will allow access to flow better,” Ms Bond said.
“The door is a safety issue and currently some parents who have one child younger and one older, have to keep both indoors,” she said.
Playgroup allows parents to come together and spend time with their children while they explore and make new friends.
They meet every Tuesday and Thursday, and coincide with a visit from a maternal and health nurse.
“We can have up to 50 children at the centre on days when the nurse visits so it can get busy,” Ms Bond said.
“We expect the project to cost about $10,000 and we hope to engage a local builder for the project,” she said.
“We appreciate the town’s support as we hope to improve the safety and accessibility at Playgroup,” she said.
Dimboola Football Netball Club
Dimboola Football and Netball Club is hoping to secure some funding to help build an enclosed lockable bay to an already established undercover area to store barbecue equipment, serve hot drinks and have deep fryers to alleviate the pressure on the canteen.
Club member Kellie Laverty said the bay will alleviate the labour involved in dragging the barbecue all the way from the shed.
“The volunteers currently have to drag the barbecue all that way if they want to cook up bacon and eggs or sausages, and if we had the bay, they will be able to have it there ready to go and watch the game at the same time,” Mrs Laverty said.
“All they will have to do is roll up the roller door and start selling, which will take a lot of pressure off the canteen,” she said.
With qualified tradies on the team, the club is looking to provide free labour to conduct the project and help keep costs low.
“We cater for such a wide range of the community that this facility will be able to be enjoyed by much of the community, it will also be available to the cricket club, rowing club and any other organisation wishing to use the facilities,” she said.
“Our club is one of the best in the league and we cater for so many people, especially during finals and events, we want to make life easier for our volunteers which will encourage more members to be involved,” she said.