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Preparations for Centenary continue

• Rainbow District Secondary Education Centenary committee members with the patchwork quilt created by Jan Edelsten along with several other souvenirs that will be available for the event. From left: Pam Newton, Graham Nuske, Murray Robinson, Jan Edelsten, Jill Eckermann, Denise Ralph and Peter Ralph.

Preparations for the upcoming Rainbow District Secondary Education Centenary are continuing with the organising committee working hard to produce a wonderful weekend experience for all who attend.
The Centenary will take place on November 1 to 4 with more than 400 people already returning their attendance forms for the event.
With just over two months until the Centenary, organisers are asking people to return their attendance forms to help with catering along with many other behind the scenes aspects. If anyone needs a new form, contact Pam Newton on 0429 951 392.
Souvenirs will also be available throughout the event, and are currently available now for those interested. Forms can be found in the 50s Cafe and the Rainbow Newsagency.
To help with the event, many current students are helping out constructing signs. Principal Alan Coffey has spoken with the students about showing their pride of the school within the school grounds creating an immediate change in the site with litter becoming less of an issue.
Jan Edelsten has completed a colourful patchwork quilt which will be raffled. Raffle tickets are available now through any of the organising committee as well as in the Rainbow IGA and at the Rainbow P-12 College.
There will be many things to do over the weekend including an ecumenical church service, led by Rev Arthur Broughton, and bus tours for country bus travellers which will be based on a first in best dressed basis.
The bus tours can also be tailored for the participating people as the bus routes have been altered over the years.
For something different, a car will be used as a time capsule with people being able to place a small something in the car for a donation. The car will be opened in 50 years time.
The Friday night of the event will see the annual School Fete take place with many urged to check out the school grounds as they register for the weekend.
Saturday night there will be a street festival with rides for the children (and those young at heart) as well as both pubs open along with many other stores.
Many former students have offered up their past uniforms for a display to show the changes in the designs over the years.
If anyone would like to help out over the weekend, or would like more information, contact any committee members which includes Murray Robinson, Pam Newton, Jan Edelsten, Jill Eckermann, Peter and Denise Ralph, Sharyn Cocks, Barbara Young, and Graham Nuske.