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A piece of unknown history

• SEARCH: Hudson Clyne, grandson of Warracknabeal resident Gordon Clyne displays a metal casting which reads “Rawling and Opie Makers Warracknabeal. Mr Clyne is on the search for the history behind the casting.

A WARRACKNABEAL resident has uncovered a piece of the towns history, with unknown origins.
Gordon Clyne was rummaging among his collection of scrap materials back in 2017 when he pondered upon something with some familiar names on it.
The metal casting has the inscription on it of “Rawlings and Opie Makers Warracknabeal”.
Mr Clyne kept the metal casting for two years and decided to frame it and keep it to investigate and uncover what it was used for.
“I’ve had it about three years, put it on the block of wood in 2018 and I thought the time has come to find out more about this,” he said.
He found this among scrap metal at his house in Warracknabeal, which made him curious of its origins.
Mr Clyne believes the metal casting could date back as far as 150 years.
Mr Clyne grew up in Warracknabeal and said he is familiar with a lot of the business which use to operate in the town.
He said he knows minimal information about the name “Rawlings”, and the name “Opie” is completely unfamiliar to him.
“I can go back to when was a kid here, I knew the Amors, the owners of the International Agency and a few other businesses but I can’t figure out who this is,” he said.
He said he has been searching near and far and asking all those around who may have any inclination as to where it has come from.
“I’ve chased down all around town trying to find out who the makers were, “Rawling”, we’ve got a bit of information about, but “Opie”, I couldn’t seem to find any information about what part they played in Warracknabeal,” he said.
Mr Clyne said he believes “Rawlings” used to make farm machinery and or make ointments in Warracknabeal.
He said he is putting the word out to find more about this mysterious item.
“We’re after anyone with information to tell us, we’re curious to find out what the business made and what years they were in town,” he said.
If anyone has any information about who the two makers are, please contact the Warracknabeal Herald.