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Brazilian beauty Mary Viturino leaves mansion

• The Bachelor contestant Mary Viturino left the house recently after not receiving a rose from Bachelor Matt Agnew.

Fan favourite Mary Viturino, recently left the Bachelor, to the disappointment of many of the show’s audience.
Miss Viturino was sadly unsuccessful in her pursuit of Bachelor Matt Agnew, however her honest nature, funny facial expressions and her humorous commentary segments on the show made her a fan favourite with the shows viewers.
She managed to make it far into the show, despite not securing a date with Mr Agnew, but her luck had run out as the competition was getting closer to the end and as she did not have enough time to get to know Mr Agnew, she was not given a rose and had to leave the mansion.
“It was a great experience to be on the show, I didn’t find any love sadly, but I did make a lot of friends while I was there,” Miss Viturino said.
“I was really happy to see that people found me so entertaining, I wasn’t expecting people to like me, because you can’t please everyone, but it was nice to hear people say they were going to miss me when I left the show,”
“I think I didn’t get a rose because it was getting really late into the game, and I didn’t really have enough time left to develop a romantic relationship,” Miss Viturino said.
“I didn’t get much personal time with Matt to get to the stage that he was on with all the other girls, so I just didn’t have enough time to be with him and that was why I was sent home.”
“I would definitely do it again, because you never know what might happen, but I definitely don’t regret going on the show,” she said.
Miss Viturino also shared her experience living in the mansion with the other contestants.
“It was pretty good, we shared the house, we shared the house chores, it was almost like a hostel,” she said.
“If we had any drama, we just put it all out there and worked it out, because in the end we all shared the house and we wanted to keep it as positive an environment as possible.”
“There is always drama in a house full of girls, but we all worked things out whenever we had issues and just got on with life.”
“I’m pretty much friends with most of the girls, we made some great connections on the show and if we’re watching the episodes we talk and laugh about it together.”
“In the end Matt can only choose one girl, but most of us walked away from the show as friends,” she said.
Mary was a much loved member of the show and show viewers are going to miss her, as the show moves closer to the end.
Miss Viturino might not have found love on the show, but she definitely left her unique and sassy mark and Warracknabeal is happy to have her back and making fantastic food and coffee at Cafe Peppercorn.