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Miracle man walks to spread mental health awareness

• Terry Mitropolus (second left), along with his team (from left) his father John Mitropolus, Rachjel Derrico, Connie Gourvelos and Tony Mantz stopped overnight in Dimboola as Terry defeats the odds and walks from Adelaide to Melbourne to raise awareness and funds for the Black Dog Institute.

BRAIN tumours, multiple surgeries, a super bug and a stroke could not stop Terry Mitropoulos and he is now walking from Adelaide to Melbourne to raise funds and awareness for mental health.
Considered a “miracle man”, Mr Mitropolus, who is a father of two boys, defeated the odds and stopped by Dimboola as he travelled to his end goal at Federation Square.
Accompanied by his father John Mitropolus, Rachel Derrico, Connie Gourvelos and Tony Mantz, the team reached 433km at Dimboola where they stayed the night and were welcomed by the community.
Terry said the staff at the Victoria Hotel were friendly and keen to lend their support to the cause.
“I like the town very much. Maryanne and the patrons at the hotel were very generous with their support and their spirit,” Mr Mitropolus said.
Mr Mitropolus has faced a tough battle after going through 13 brain surgeries and a spinal surgery, a super bug, a stroke and four years as a paraplegic, becoming deaf and blind from his treatments, to fighting all odds to regain his independence.
“They told me I have a five percent chance of living.
“It is incredible what you can achieve with the right support, we can do anything when we work together,” he said.
The team wants to raise awareness and funds for mental health through the Black Dog Institute as well as the YMCA as it wasn’t just the physical challenges he endured, but also the mental challenges.
Team member Tony Mantz said they want to spread kindness on their travels as they make their way on their journey to Melbourne.
“We want to be ambassadors of goodwill and kindness,” Mr Mantz said.
Mr Mitropolus said, “the support of those who surrounded me, empowered me to be greater.”
Terry started his walk on August 17, and is set to arrive at Federation Square in Melbourne on September 28, with a welcome by the Lord Mayor of Melbourne, Sally Capp.
To support Terry’s cause visit his Go Fund Me page at https://au.gofundme.com/f/walkandshine or to find help for mental health, The Black Dog Institute can be found at https://www.blackdoginstitute.org.au/