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Laneway back and operational

• Hindmarsh Shire workers Mick Henderson (front) and Chris Zadow on the grader Chris Zadow reopen the laneway at the rear of Lloyd Street businesses.

HINDMARSH Shire have started work to reopen a laneway which was closed off after the owner of Dimboola’s former Gateway Shop fenced off the area much to shop owner’s disgust.
The fencing was erected over the Easter long weekend in 2018 and has since been a bone of contention between Lloyd Street shop owners and the property owner.
Monday, work started to remove the offending structure which had been blocking thoroughfare with it being completed Tuesday.
In 2017, the Dimboola Banner reported that police and fire services in Dimboola had written to council objecting to a proposal to build the fence as it would restrict access for their vehicles.
Shire Chief Executive Officer Greg Wood said after over 12 months of “toing and froing” the shire had finally come to a decision.
“The owner had exhausted all legal avenues and we notified her last week that we would be restoring the laneway to its original condition,” Mr Wood said.
“We have put limestone down with a blue metal top so it’s suitable for vehicle access,” he said.
Members of the community were consulted about the laneway at a public meeting to discuss whether the laneway was reasonable required for general public use.
Council had originally issued a building permit under the VicSmart process for a fence and carport, but owing to public outcry, council reviewed the decision and sought legal advice.
Council invited residents to make submissions prior to a town meeting in 2018 and received 13 submissions.
Of the 13 received, 10 indicated their support of the removal of any gates and fencing and restoring the laneway to its original condition.
The laneway is now operational for public use.