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Newspapers to receive a facelift

• NEW LOOK: Wimmera Mallee News incorporating the Warracknabeal Herald, Dimboola Banner and Rainbow Argus has some big projects in the pipeline. Sub-editor Jessica Taylor displays the Wimmera Mallee Directory which is accessible online.

WIMMERA Mallee News incorporating the Warracknabeal Herald, Dimboola Banner and Rainbow Argus, will be getting a face lift starting next week.
Beginning with Tuesday’s edition of the Herald, the three newspapers will be moving to a six column format, replacing the previous seven column format style and providing a fresh look and easier readability.
Editor David Ward said the fresh look and new layout is part of a few projects Wimmera Mallee News has in store for its readers.
“The Herald, Argus and Banner have been reporting the news of the Wimmera Mallee for over a hundred years each, and we feel it is time to bring a fresh face to the resource that has been reporting on the events and interests of the district for so many years,” Mr Ward said.
“Along with the new look newspaper, we have implemented a T-size modular system for our local businesses to have an easier understanding of our size and price structure, and recently launched the Wimmera Mallee Business Directory which can be accessed through our website,” he said.
The Wimmera Mallee Business directory allows instant access to local businesses and services through an easy internet search on any computer, or device.
The directory provides a one page website for each business listing services, contact details and even an interactive map that can link to Google maps.
Wimmera Mallee News sub-editor Jessica Taylor said the directory has made it easier for her to find services after moving back to Warracknabeal.
“The directory allows us to provide an instant search for customers to find the right business and service for them.
“When I first moved back to Warracknabeal I found it hard finding the services I needed if they weren’t in the paper.
“The next thing I tried was ‘Googling’ but there was no cohesive way to find the services I needed.
“Now I have saved the directory as a home page on my phone, so if I need to find the details of a business, it’s right at my fingertips,” Mrs Taylor said.
In addition to the new look paper and directory, Wimmera Mallee News is about to launch its new website which will provide a streamlined subscription service for readers to access all three newspapers online.
“The subscription service will be better than ever, it has better functionality for our readers and looks fantastic, we are excited to be bringing the new Wimmera Mallee News to the district,” Mrs Taylor said.
The directory is accessible by visiting wimmeramalleebusiness.com.au. Keep an eye out for the new website which will be launched in the paper and online soon.